Vlad Lovin
Via Transilvanica Challenge

Thanks to all the donors who contributed so far.
Let’s not stop here.
Those kids need permanent support.

Help the Children
Sweat. Cramps. Exhaustion.
Happiness. Bliss. Elation.
Hunger and thirst. But above all:
Appreciation. Respect. Admiration.

These are only a few feelings I had during the 9-day, life-changing bike journey I had through the harsh mountains and hundreds of years old villages of Romania. Via Transilvanica trail is a less-beaten path across Romania that uncovers the country’s very essence – untouched natural beauty, and selfless hospitality.

The whole journey was dedicated to the children of Romanian Children’s Relief. Everything I did here was for them. The organization has been taking care of the less fortunate children in Romania since 1990 and it’s changed so many lives since then.

Thank you, my dear reader, for supporting me in this journey and contributing to this cause which I consider noble. And if you just stumbled upon this website, read on, check the pictures and videos, and please consider contributing to make those children’s lives better. My journey is over, but their lives have just started.

Beautiful, new bikes. Just assembled. After only 5 days, they needed to be serviced with new break pads, break fluid, and a few spokes.

Sucevita Monastery. UNESCO World Heritage.


Golden hour in the mountains. Somewhere between Sucevita and Vatra Moldovitei.

First night camping. The moon had just risen above the fir trees.

This is what I woke up to the following morning.

Facing the mountains.


Entering Valea Moldovitei

Going up another hill in Paltinu village, towards Sadova.

Getting close to a summit in our way to Sadova.

A sheepfold in the valley. That’s where we ended up sleeping that night.

On more push

Tasuleasa Social. Via Transilvanica’s Headquarter.

It was great to meet Andrada and Laura at Romanian’s Children Relief.

Towards Brancovenesti. No shade in sight.

Reghin detour. We badly needed bike service.

Leaving Praid behind

Towards the village of Atia. Another summit.

Towards Lupeni.

Lupeni. The Heart of Jesus.

Back to Brasov.

Donors. See the list below.

Donors. Thank you very much for your support!

1. Lisscom SRL – $1,000
2. Ioana and Gabi Todor – $250
3. Mihaela Batke – $200
4. Tracy Froh – $200
5. Adrian Hojda – $150
6. Mihaela Friedlmeier – $100

Mult success! Un traseu cu experiente frumoase!!

7. Ashley Brewer – $100
8. Florina Serban – $100

Very proud! Enjoy your trip! Great cause!

9. Stela and Mihai Vrapciu – $100
10. William Bergen – $100
11. Roxana Muntean – $100
12. Claudius Kerges – $100
13. Razvan Sebe – $100
14. Chris Story – $95

Best of luck with your ride and excited to follow along

15. Eusebiu Lovin – $60
16. Aurelian Belecciu – $51.52
17. Patrick Barna – $50

Good luck Vlad

18. Anonymous – $50

Good luck! Go make a difference!

19. Cristian Mirica – $50
20. Aidan Ji – $50
21. Camilo Morales – $50
22. Radu Besnea – $50

Vlad, I’m glad to see you doing such beautiful things. Enjoy this once in a lifetime trip 🙂

23. Claudia-Mirela Sin – $50

Supporting Vlad’s Cause

24. Iuliana Niculescu – $50
25. Stefan Sorin Turcu – $50
26. Nancy Sharer – $50
27. Thomas McNally – $50
28. Anca LeBlanc – $50
29. Jozsef Gombos – $50
30. Horia Marin – $50
31. Paula Kotrba – $25
32. Matthew Kelley – $25
33. Todd Grundberg – $25
34. Amy McLeod – $25
35. Loren Snead – $25
36. Arthur Muresan – $25
37. Dillon Elam – $20

Proud of you, best of luck on your trip.

38. Jasmine Jolley – $10

Good luck! You’re amazing!

39. Regan Helfer – $10
40. Tony Lopez – $10